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St.Ladislaus Safety Letter

December 17, 2012

Dear Parents,

;As we all take a moment and pray for the children, families, school personnel as well as the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School, we are saddened by the horrific event. There have been many parents who are concerned about the safety of their children. They have asked me, "Is St. Ladislaus prepared for a crisis at our school and is my child/children safe." The answer is Yes.

When I came to St. Ladislaus in July, one of the first things I asked my teachers was how the school handled different procedures. I asked about parking lot procedure and how lunches were delivered to the different classrooms. I inquired where the students went during a fire or tornado drill and does the school have in place a Lock Down Procedure. Lastly, I took a walk around the school to see if doors were secured.

In light of my talks and investigation I have tried to make St. Ladislaus as safe as possible.

  1. I have put in place a new before school parking lot procedure. A teacher is on duty every day. In the morning, I have asked parents to drop their child off by the blue door and then keep on going.  Many parents are more comfortable parking and then walking their child to the safe area between the two buildings.  At this time I want to stress to parents to wait until 7:55 a.m. when all students are safely in the building before backing up to leave.
  2. The after school parking lot procedure has also changed for the safety of our students. I have asked anyone picking up your child to be in the parking lot no later than 2:43 p.m. Barricades will block exits and each parent is asked not to move until each child is safely in their cars. A small favor please...Take a moment and make sure your child has their seatbelt on before you leave the parking lot.
  3. Reminder: If you must pick up your child during the day, please go to the main office and sign your child out.
  4. Hot lunches are delivered to the primary building and Jr. High building by our lunch lady, Mrs. Joan Smith. In the past, students were involved in this process.
  5. Adult supervision is mandatory. When classes go anywhere they must be with a teacher. Preschool- second grade students even go to the rest room as a group.
  6. From the beginning of the year, I have talked to the children about never opening a door for anyone, even their teacher or parent.  We will be reminding everyone of this important rule.
  7. Teachers keep their doors to the classrooms locked from the outside at all times. The reason for this rule is if an intruder entered the school, he or she wouldn’t be able to open a classroom door from the outside hallway.
  8. I’m reviewing and revising the St. Ladislaus Crisis Management Plan with all teachers. Every class room will have a Crisis Management binder that will have a list of all students, where to go in an emergency and all other procedure in case of an emergency. We will be actively practicing lockdown procedures with students as well as faculty to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please know we take the safety of your child very seriously. My most important goal is to have your child come home safely. I welcome you to share your concerns, because you may have thought of something that I have not. I pray your child never has to face a horrific situation like the one this week, but please know your child's safety is very important to me, the teachers and staff of St. Ladislaus. Please give your child an extra hug this week, and know that you and your family are in my prayers every day.

Blessing and Peace,

Ms. Catherine Scotkovsky

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