Sunday, December 1, 2019

Bishop Frank Caggiano has recently announced that St. Ladislaus Parish and St. Joseph Parish will be merging in 2020. Bishop Caggiano, working together with Rev. Juan G. Acosta and Rev. Peter Lenox, pastors of St. Ladislaus and St. Joseph parishes respectively, created the Collaborative Committee to answer many of the questions raised by the pending merger, and to work on bringing the two parishes together under one pastor and administration.

The Collaborative Committee is comprised of lay ministry leaders from both parishes. The Committee had its first meeting on November 16, 2019. At that meeting Committee members were tasked by the Bishop and the pastors to address 5 specific parts of parish life. The Committee members and their focus are as follows:

  • Liturgy & Worship: Gerry Flores and Amy Browning
  • Catechesis & Education: Donna Forcier and Gisela Silva
  • Parish Life, Leadership & Spirituality: German Tabora, Marion Nagler, Efrain Vargas, and Jackeline Irias
  • Buildings & Finances: Mike Horvath and Pierre Philitas
  • Communications: Emily Wilson, Ana Gomez, Michael Falbo, Gibson Timal
  • Collaborative Committee Secretary: Ana Gomez

This process has just begun and there are many more questions than answers at the moment. However, please know that every effort is being made to be transparent throughout this process. The Collaborative Committee invites all parishioners to voice opinions, share concerns, and ask questions through a line of communication via Parishioners are also welcome to speak directly with either pastor or any of the committee members named above.

Bishop Caggiano, Fr. Lenox, and Fr. Acosta hope and ask that all parishioners join in prayer for the success of this process, so that together we can build a new vibrant, unified, and growing community of faith in South Norwalk.