As a parish community of St. Ladislaus, we are going to participate in phase one of outdoor Mass, which starts on Saturday May 23rd at 4pm in the parking lot. There will be two Masses available for the laity: Saturdays at 4pm in English and Sundays at 10am in Spanish. Weekdays Masses will continue privately.

If you want to participate in one of our public Masses, you must register previously inasmuch as we cannot exceed more than 50 people, including the celebrant and the volunteers. You can register online at

As you come to Mass, we kindly ask that you follow the directions of the volunteers when you arrive.  Please try to arrive at Church 10 to 15 minutes before Mass.  This will ensure you have plenty of time to Check-In and find your seating area (please note chairs will not be provided, and we encourage you to bring your own chair with you). Once you’ve done the required checked-in, we kindly ask that you sanitize your hands using your own hand sanitizer. Please remember to keep your mask on at all times. There will be a collection box at the Check-In location where you can place your Sunday Offering. Gloves and glasses are also allowed to wear during the celebration, although I encourage you no to wear gloves for receiving Communion.  Please note that restrooms are unavailable at any time before, during or after Mass.

During Mass we ask that you please remain in your designated seating area. The priest will bring you Communion at the appropriate time.  For the distribution of Communion please remain standing if you’d like to receive.  When the priest approaches, please extend your hand, and after Father has placed the Eucharist in your hand, please wait for him to pass by before you remove your mask with your other hand and consume the Consecrated Host. If by any reason you want to receive Communion on your tongue you must wait until the end and follow the instructions from the priest.   

**In the event that we have to cancel Mass due to inclement weather, we will make an announcement on our online platforms, and Mass will only be available online.

Please note: St. Ladislaus Parish has taken appropriate precautions as per the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings, considering the possible transmission of the coronavirus. However, despite these precautions, it is possible that transmission of the virus may still occur due to the public nature of the service and the unknowns with how the virus may be transmitted. By registering for this service, participating in the Mass, and opting to receive Holy Communion, you acknowledge and understand that you are assuming a risk of transmission and will release St. Ladislaus Parish and/or any clergy involved in the service from any responsibility should you contract the virus in the future.

By signing up to attend the parish service, you recognize the obligation to:

  • wear a mask or face covering when required;
  • adhere to all required direction regarding social distance spacing when participating in the service
  • and not attend service if you are sick, experiencing any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, or are otherwise required to be quarantined.